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4-Week Mentorship

Sometimes you need a sounding board where you can ask the hard questions of fiction writing and publishing without feeling like you're burning professional bridges.

APRIL Mentorship Group! "Usher"
April 3rd-24th, 2023

A four-week mentorship program designed to safeguard your writing,

your voice, and your way of story-telling.

Learn writing elements to make your story richer.

An intimate group setting, all online, with live teaching, homework, and mentoring!

What's Included?

Weekly 2-hr LIVE interactive workshops with Christy Award-Winning Author, Jaime Jo Wright

(applicable for any genre! w/playback options):









Weekly assignments to deepen skills learned in the workshop

Access to a PRIVATE Discord chat group designed to build your intimate MadLit Mentoring class community

Access to Jaime Jo's private TEXT number!


Optional End of class VIRTUAL party

Dates: April 3rd-24th, 2023
Group Name: Usher

LIVE Virtual Workshops: Monday,3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

6:30-8:15 PM Central Standard Time

NEW PRICINGL!!!!!!! Mentorship Group Cost:

used to be $395.00 / marked down to $150.00!

Optional Add-On:

1 hour one-on-one virtual mentoring meeting with Jaime Jo to discuss anything specific to your project, writing questions, or brainstorming - SPACES LIMITED to 5 students


- Character Profiling - layers, personalities, and habits

- Setting Forensics - details, scene, and contribution

- Thematic M.O. - writing with depth and making a point

- Spiritual Arsenal - inspiring without preaching

What's Included


Old Paper

Patti Stockdale,
Author for Smitten Publishing

Have you ever wanted a mentor to answer all the writing and publication questions bubbling up inside you? I sure have, which is why I signed up for MadLit Mentoring. The four-week workshop allows time to pick Jaime’s brain, dig deeper into craft, and build connections. The best part is Jaime, a master storyteller who’s written some of the best sentences I’ve ever read. With hundreds of writing classes available on the internet, it’s hard to know where to invest your time and dollars. I recommend MadLit Mentoring. You won’t regret it. 

Old Paper

Kendall Hoxsey-Onysko

If you're like me and always dreamed about writing but afraid to make that first step, well the answer to your prayers is here. Jaime Jo and the rest of the Mad Lit Mentoring group will be your new best friends! Every class you learn so much in just one hour. Don't be intimidated if others are already published; you're all on the journey together! I say this without hesitation- DO IT!

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