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Kimberley Woodhouse
Award-Winning Author

Jaime and MadLit have completely changed the game for me. I don't know how I managed without her. In crisis, in normal, in mellow-or-I-want-to-go-hide mode, she's been there. HIGHLY recommend even though I wish I could have her all to myself."

Rachel McMillan
Literary Agent

"From an agent perspective, I often have clients understandably dedicated to ensuring they are pursuing the publicity and marketing side of the world they work in... Jaime Jo truly takes the time to know the clients she is working with and is far from a “one size fits all” solution.


I highly recommend Jaime Jo Wright as a partner and educator who will be fully committed not only to the client but where they are in their publishing trajectory and how she best suits their individual publishing paths.

Nicole Deese
Christy Award-Winning Author

“I’ve been privileged to partner with Jaime Jo for several years now and consider her both an esteemed writing colleague and an astute and innovative virtual assistant. Her knowledge of the industry, combined with her handle on current marketplace trends, are one of the many reasons I trust her sound judgement in this ever-changing world of publishing. When it comes to composing newsletters, growing online followings, creating graphics and reels, and launching new releases into the hands of your readers, you’ll want Jaime Jo on your team! I’m so very thankful to have her on mine.”

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