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Current Platform Evaluations & Workshop Opportunities

Writing shouldn't be a solo journey, and Jaime Jo wants walk the path with you, whether you're writing fiction OR non-fiction. You need someone to ask what to do, how to do it, and a consistent place to learn and grow not just your writing but your platform and your connections!

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Platform Evaluations

Hire Jaime to review your current platform and develop a proposal on what you can do yourself to improve your presence on social media, web, and with reader engagement.
(Includes a 30 min consult
video chat)

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Synopsis Critique

Not sure if your 5-6 page synopsis is up to snuff and ready to pitch to an agent or editor?
Jaime Jo will give you a quality and thoughtful critique and include encouragement so you don't come away discouraged!

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"5 Things Writers Shouldn't Be"

May 2nd, 2024
7-8 PM CT / 8-9 PM ET

LIVE VIRTUAL & INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP Zoom link will be provided / Replays will be available

Did you know you inadvertently ruin your writing career without knowing it? There are 5 specific things Jaime has discovered that writers SHOULDN'T Be! Don't miss the opportunity to learn from her mistakes and spare yourself the egg on face.

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